Welcome to the Delavan-Darien Music Program Website

The Delavan-Darien School District is proud to boast that it has one of the finest music education programs in the area, and it receives a great amount of support from the community in which it serves.

Beyond the traditional music classes beginning at the kindergarten level, students can begin participating in instrumental music in Grade 4 with orchestra.

At Grade 5, students can start to study wind and percussion instruments.

By Grade 6, the time students enter Phoenix Middle School, the first of many choir choices are offered.

All of our musical offerings are taught by talented and skilled instructional staff, who have many years of combined musical experience, both in and out of the classroom.

Our instruction reaches beyond playing or singing before a director. Students are out in the community, performing at concerts, in parades, before football and basketball games, at competitions, in “pit orchestras” at our plays musicals, caroling during the holidays, playing in trios or quintets at fundraisers and so much more.

Talk to us. Be a part of it. We’d love for others to hear your talents.

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